Cannabis for Your Pet

Maybe you’ve heard success stories of people using CBD to treat chronic conditions including pain, anxiety, inflammation, digestive issues, joint mobility, and more. The same opportunities apply to your dog or cat. From arthritis and insomnia to GI health and supporting normal brain function, a majority of veterinarians concur that CBD helps animals. Many pet owners shop at MMD Shops and swear by the positive effects of our cannabis pet formulas.

Dogs and Cats can Enjoy CBD too!

The brands we include are tested by state-certified laboratories, ensuring safety and quality. There’s no worry over pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, bacteria, or mycotoxins. In fact, there’s nothing in our pet medicines other than top-quality CBD-rich cannabis extract and organic extra virgin olive oil. MMD Shops welcomes locals and visitors from across the country. We make it easy to take the very best care of your cherished pet with online ordering, express pickup, and delivery.

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