First Time Visitors to our Cannabis Dispensary

When a budtender is available the customer will be guided into the showroom for one-on-one customer service while selecting and purchasing products.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to ensure all customers, from curious first-time consumers to experienced cannabis enthusiasts will leave with products that delight and satisfy.

ATMs are located in the showroom. We also accept ATM/Debit cards for your convenience at each register.
We offer online ordering through our website for in-store pickup and delivery. Customers can choose our prepay option for an expedited experience or pay cash and/or debit card upon arrival to our stores or with their delivery driver.

We offer fast, friendly, reliable cannabis delivery to your door.

Order ahead for in-store pickup and avoid any wait times.

Exclusive discounts and promotions are offered for delivery and pick up

Our motto is “Cannabis for the people!” We advocate for safe, legal, and equitable access to cannabis. This means our shops are inclusive to all in our community. We have products to fit all budgets, desired effects, and ingestion methods. We are proud to serve a diverse customer base. Our caring and knowledgeable staff are here to answer any questions and help find the right products to satisfy, delight, and inspire every customer.

First Time Cannabis User Information Hollywood, CA, North Hollywood, CA, Marina Del Rey, CA, Long Beach, CA & Redwood City, CA

First Time Cannabis User Information in Hollywood, CA

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